Clearly Liquid Glitter Base

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Lit Clearly Liquid Glitter Base

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This amazing liquid works as an adhesive to bond glitter (and powder eyeshadow) to the skin, without creasing or fading.

Once applied, the liquid feels weightless, not sticky or heavy.  It can be applied over lipstick, eye makeup, hair... anywhere you want your glitter to stay put.

This product is vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, and does not contain proylene glycol or alcohol.

Suitable for sensitive skin, washes off easily with water.

30ml glass bottle 

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For easy, clean and quick application, Lit products are designed for use with their Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ and specially designed brushes. 

Application requires these simple steps:

  1. Dip brush into the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ bottle-remove excess drops of liquid.
  2. On an angle, insert wet brush into loose colour, covering one side.
  3. Paint on or fan out, starting at the tip of the brush using short fast strokes for proper coverage. Redip to cover eyelids or change colours.

HINT: Keep eyes half-open until product has dried to avoid transfer. May take 30-60 seconds depending on thickness and size of glitter. Use your blow dryer or hand fan. After product has dried, tightness may occur but don't panic! Your lids will loosen up within 20 blinks—and now you're Lit baby!

NOTE: For a more sanitary application, pour a small amount of base into the lid then apply. Discard left over base in cap. This method will help avoid colour or product contamination to your Clearly Liquid Glitter Base™ bottle and keep it clean.

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